White Bicycle has worked closely with Ingenious to realize a number of different websites over the years, including our own. We appreciate their attention to detail when translating brand design decisions into dynamic web experiences. Their content management system is very intuitive and is able to be customized to each client's need.   

Kyle Morrissey

White Bicycle

Ingenious has been instrumental in helping MusicalFare Theatre's website stay ahead of the curve through the many years we've been working with them.  Everyone there is courteous and the work is always done in a timely manner...oftentimes ahead of schedule!  The staff is a dedicated group of problem-solvers who also happen to be highly creative individuals who care passionately about the final product.  We couldn't recommend them more!

Doug Weyand

Musical Fare Theatre

The Ingenious team is easy to work with, and their custom content management system (CMS) is simple to use! Our team loves working with them and they do an amazing job! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new website or web based application development.

Patrick Duffy

Irr Supply Centers

Our website is a living and continuously evolving testament to the thousands of hours of love and labor that our staff, community partners, and volunteers have poured into Open Buffalo’s critical mission work over the years. For nearly a decade, working with Ingenious has allowed us to maintain a stable and credible online access point for thousands of individuals looking to make an impact on racial, economic, and ecological justice in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Max Anderson

Open Buffalo

The team at Ingenious has been a pleasure to work with. They are a group of talented and dedicated individuals who genuinely care about the success of their clients. Their attention to detail, responsiveness, and willingness to go the extra mile have made the entire collaboration a seamless and enjoyable experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ingenious to any business in need of website development services. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering exceptional results are second to none. Thanks to their efforts, our company now has a powerful online presence that will undoubtedly contribute to our growth and success.

Darren Lisicki

Diversified Labor Solutions

When we first started building our website, the Ingenious staff was patient and creative. Their network of resources helped us create a web presence that has generated a significant portion of our new business.  Through the years opportunities like the National Park Service's Hurricane Sandy cleanup at Staten Island and Statue of Liberty Island have come about because of our website, and how easily it was found by clients searching for our services. We take pride in our professional image, and Ingenious Inc. plays a major role.

Alan Dungey

Great Lakes Athletic Fields

The website that Ingenious built for me is a strategic advantage that has literally brought my small business hundreds of thousands of dollars in business!  As an entrepreneur who volunteers to help other entrepreneurs, I highly recommend Ingenious all the time!  Many website companies will tell you whatever you want to hear to win your business and then hold you hostage for anything else that you need because it would cost so much to build a new website.  Ingenious is incredibly reasonable, fair, and responsive with changes, additional work, and issues.  What separates Ingenious from all the other website development companies is their Content Management System (CMS).  They train my employees on how to use the CMS and answer their questions.  The CMS empowers me to change pictures, videos and text easily and literally in seconds to stay ahead of my competition instead of paying thousands of dollars for the website company to do it for me.

Joe Fox


Over the past (nearly) 20 years, we have continued to use Ingenious to build out our sites and for hosting. This relationship has lasted so long because the staff carefully listens to the complex needs of our organization and creates sites that are not only practical, they are visually beautiful and reflect the spirit of our school community. On top of this, they are highly responsive for support and security. We could not be more pleased.

William A. Kresse, Ph.D.

City Honors School

The team at Ingenious is amazing. I have worked with them for over 3 years. We started with a full rebuild of an older outdated website, and recently have transitioned to online marketing/brand awareness. I have been impressed by the Ingenious team every step of the way. The Ingenious team always takes their time to understand your business, educate you, and help determine the best pathway for you. Not to mention that they produce beautifully written and designed products. I fully endorse the Ingenious team and feel that they have made a significant impact on my business's growth and brand! 

Joseph P. Gravino

Elite Physical Therapy

The professional team at Ingenious took my vision for a dynamic website to the next level. I have realized a significant uptick in activity on my website, and my business has grown significantly with the new website roll-out. The seamless navigation and clean design highlight my product perfectly.

Thomas Kegler

Thomas Kegler Fine Art

I just love the way the new site looks and flows. And it is so easy to manage. The CMS is absolutely a dream to work with. I have worked with three different systems and they’re not even close [to how easy Ingenious’ CMS is to work with].

Dorie Geraci

Geraci Spine & Sports Medicine

Many years ago, Joe Murphy and company of Ingenious Inc. designed my first & only website.  Their patience, enthusiasm, creativity, & expertise made… what I thought would be an overwhelming chore… into a terrific & exciting experience. To this day, there is no request that is too small or big that Joe and Chris don’t respond to immediately and with great care.
I’m so pleased!

Terri Katz Kasimov

Terri Katz Kasimov, Artist

When I was first given access to control content on our original website, I was not given any direction or assistance. Further complicating things was that the website utilized Wordpress, which was very difficult to control and left me spending long periods of time on what should have been straight forward tasks. When we decided to switch website providers to Ingenious, I was worried that I would be left struggling to transition content and ideas from my mind to our new website, given my history with Wordpress and lack of any formal computer training. Fortunately, I was very wrong! Ingenious' CMS and training was super easy to handle and I was uploading content efficiently within hours after the training session. It seamlessly transitioned my ideas to the website and I was able to add all of our website's content within a day, which was quite the contrast from spending hours on one task on word press. I have very limited computer design and content writing  experience and I was able to create a website thanks to the help of the Ingenious team and their easy to use CMS.

Thomas McNamara

Buffalo Endovascular & Vascular Surgical Associates (BEVSA)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! Beautiful, outstanding, impressive, inspiring, comprehensive, and many other superlatives!!!


Saint Louis Roman Catholic Church

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